State Senator Protests Pledge of Allegiance, Was Previously Arrested For Illegal Gun

MO State Senator Sits Out The Pledge, In Solidarity With Colin Kaepernick

Jamilah Nasheed never misses an opportunity to draw attention to herself in search of that 15 minutes of fame. This Missouri state senator loves the lime light and now she’s grasping at a chance to attach to Colin Kaepernicks star in hopes of getting a little face time on TV.

You may remember her as the anti-gun politician who was arrested carrying a gun in Ferguson.

As the Missouri legislature convenes for its yearly veto session, Nasheed once again opts for the outrageous and decides to sit this one out as her colleagues, all of whom swore an oath to protect and defend the state and federal constitution, pledged their allegiance to our flag. One would assume that oath also included support of our flag, but maybe not so much if you’re an African-American an ax to grind.

Kansas City Star: Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, a St. Louis Democrat, stood for the prayer but sat when the chamber began to recite the pledge.

She did so as an act of protest and in “solidarity with the cause of injustice that Colin Kaepernick has shined a bright light upon.”

“I am not Anti-America,” she said in a prepared statement, “and in fact, it is because I love this country that I take this stand.”

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She pointed to the legislature’s refusal to mandate police body cameras, underfunding of Missouri’s public schools, the push for a voter ID law, refusal to expand access to Medicaid and refusal to increase the minimum wage among other issues that inspired her to sit during the pledge.

“Liberty and justice for all are not just words,” she said. “They are our country’s ideals.”

You might remember hearing about Nasheed During the Ferguson fiasco. She’s an uber-left progressive Democrat from the city of St. Louis and she was arrested during Ferguson protests, but she must have forgotten that lefties don’t like guns because she forgot to leave her 9mm at home. … She was loaded, and not just with ammo.

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ETF News: Guess who got arrested Monday night after she refused to get up off the ground out in the middle of the road in front of the Ferguson Police Department?

And not only arrested, but arrested while her breath reportedly reeked of alcohol and she just so happened to be carrying a fully loaded 9mm with extra ammo?

Why none other than Anti-gun Missouri Senator Jamilah Nasheed (D-St. Louis), who has herself sponsored multiple gun control bills.

“It was a symbolic arrest – sending a message to the protesters that we can protest peacefully and that we must protest peacefully and that we want justice for Michael Brown, but we don’t want it in vain,” Nasheed said outside the jail Tuesday morning.

It’s nice to know that Nasheed remained standing for the prayer preceding the pledge and that, at least for now, she isn’t taking on the Big Guy, upstairs, just yet.

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