WHAT? Progressives In Montana Are Working To DEFEND SHARIA LAW

It’s hard to understand why anyone would want to move from liberty and freedom to oppressive Sharia Law, but progressives in Montana are doing their best to stop efforts by conservatives who want to ban it.

GOPtheDailyDose has the story:

Montana progressives are trying to blockade legislation from getting passed because it would deny the absurdity that is Sharia law from being implemented into the state’s judicial system. (via Breitbart).

Senate Bill 97, introduced by (R) Keith Regier, bans the application of foreign law in Montana’s courts — specifically highlighting Sharia law. Thankfully, the bill passed 56-44, but the number of votes in opposition to this legislation is simply astonishing.

Repugnant, abhorrent, revolting, and any other vomit-inducing synonyms you can think of would not even BEGIN to describe the barbaric ideology that encompasses this widely-used Islamic law.

… Am I the only one confused here? Is Morigeau really trying to tell us that opposing Islamic laws, which COMMAND homosexuals to be crucified or mutilated, is “sending a dangerous message?” How dumb do these Democrats think we are?

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It’s personally insulting as an American to have my first amendment reduced to an exploitative tool used to defend the left’s opposition to this bill. (D) Rep. Ellie Hill Smith stated:

“The courts have said that laws that single out certain religions violate the First Amendment.”

I can’t speak for every liberal constitution-circumventing judge, but I see no correlation between freedom of speech and attempting to prohibit a set of Middle Eastern laws, many of which call for torture-like punishments rivaling scenes straight from a Saw film.

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This is insanity.

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