MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Stretches To Tie Trump To Neo Nazi Group (VIDEO)

How far will the mainstream media go to attack Trump?

Today, we have an answer, courtesy of Andrea Mitchell.

Newsbusters reported:

On the heels of CBS and NBC spending over five minutes providing a platform for a neo-Nazi conference, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell continued the media’s normalization of bigotry (unlike what they try to do with religious freedom supporters) by sloppily insinuating that “supporters of Donald Trump’s election” congregated with “the alt-right” at the National Policy Institute (NPI) conference.

“Supporters of Donald Trump’s election and the alt-right gathered in Washington this weekend at the Reagan Building, a government facility, to celebrate with white supremacist speech and echoes of signature language from Nazi Germany,” Mitchell declared at the onset of a six-minute segment about it.


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Mitchell tied a racist bow on the conversation by insinuating that little black children are terrified of a Trump administration.

MITCHELL: I have spoken to friends and associates and only yesterday, speaking to a family — grandparents of African-American children four years old and six years old. They live in Harlem. Their parents are academics at prestigious universities and so, they were totally secure economically and the little girl said she wants to be white. This little African-American child, four years old and why? She said I feel that black people are going to be shot under — she said under Trump. Now, obviously, this is the way a child is interpreting it, but there’s an effect on children in minority, in communities of color.

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Why would black children be worried about safety?

Because people like Andrea Mitchell are telling them to be afraid!

The Left has decided that frightening children is their path to success.


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