Well, she’s right, but from a different perspective, perhaps. Wallace is convinced Comey is being “skewered” by the right, but maybe she’s subconsciously coming to her senses.

MRCTV has the video.

Nicole Wallace was on MSNBC Live, an antebellum carnival in its own right, Thursday following the James Comey hearing, to cover the fallout of the testimony. After talking about the “cutest” moments of the day and using “wacko” as an adjective, the former George W. Bush communications director claimed that the way the Trump administration is handling matters in the Russia investigation are reminiscent of a “goat rodeo”:

WALLACE: What are they investigating Comey for doing? And what Comey put out through a friend from Columbia Law School was really just a corroborating piece of information, about an interaction that Donald Trump tweeted about saying I have tapes. So let’s play this tape strategy thread along here for a minute. Trump said, “Wait until I release the tapes.” Comey said “Yea” or “Lordy” or what ever the heck he said that was the cutest moment of the day. And you’ll see it too…. But it’s ridiculous, and I think you have to stop and acknowledge that we are covering a goat rodeo.

MRCTV also points out that the media didn’t give Obama administration hearings a second glance. But now that Trump is in office, mainstream media is all about chaos, dog and pony shows, fake news and… goat rodeos.

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