WHAT? No Punishment For Student Who Made “All White People Are Racist” Hoodies At U. Wisconsin-Madison

No Sanctions Against "All White People Are Racist" Hoodies At U Of Wisconsin-Madison

There is no doubt that America is headed in the wrong direction on a multitude of levels. The racism that has escalated during the Obama administration has far exceeded anything that America lived through in the 60’s.

The racial unrest on college campuses has sunk to new lows, as evidenced by this report from The College Fix:

A spokesman for the University of Wisconsin-Madison has shrugged off concerns over one of its students selling hoodies bearing the phrase “All White People Are Racist” in capital letters.

“In this case, the individuals involved are exercising their rights to free speech and engaging in a private activity unrelated to their status as students,” campus spokesman John Lucas said in an email to The College Fix.

Asked a second time to weigh in on the matter, Lucas gave the same answer.

The hoodies are the brainchild of an entrepreneurial UW-Madison undergraduate who recently began selling sweatshirts online—in Wisconsin red—which proclaim: “All White People Are Racist.”

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Other sweatshirts offered by the same UW student vendor read, “If I Encounter Another Cop With A God Complex I’m Going To Have To Show The World That They Are Human,” modeled by a woman in a hijab and begging the question of how she proposes to prove police officers’ humanity.

Look at this:

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… Seeking comment on the matter, The College Fix contacted Chancellor Rebecca Blank, Dean of Students Lori Berquam, and Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate Patrick Sims, who have been vocal supporters of Black Lives Matter and who have worked closely with Black Lives Matter in campus programming.

Another great example of just where and how hard earned tuition dollars are being spent.

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