No Surprise Here! Democrats Down In Polls After Shutting Down Government Over DACA

Maybe the only ones surprised by this are registered Democrats, who did not vote for Trump.  The rest of us got that point a long time ago. How long do you think it will be before the left calls the “shut the government down” bluff again?

Townhall has the polling data:

But new polling from Harvard-Harris shows Democrats following Schumer’s lead to shut down the government on the issue of illegal immigration was wildly unpopular among the majority of Americans. 

When asked, “Would you favor or oppose Democrats voting to shut the government down if the continuing budget resolution does not include restoring so-called DACA work permits for undocumented immigrants brought here illegally by their parents?” 58 percent of voters responded with “oppose.”

Polling also showed a majority back White House priorities on ending the Diversity Visa Lottery Program, eliminating chain migration and building a border wall.  

What’s next for the illegal immigration and DACA debate is to be foreseen. Schumer claims McConnell made an “agreement” in exchange for Democrat votes on the issue. Meanwhile, the White House is rejecting a re-introduction of the Flake-Graham-Durbin proposal and arguing it doesn’t include sufficient border security or interior enforcement. It also fails to end chain migration and the Diversity Visa Lottery Program. 

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This little liberal temper tantrum also exposed many swamp creatures for just what they are. It’s a shame we couldn’t have more decidedly conservative Republicans who support the Trump agenda. But if he keeps draining the swamp at this rate, we soon will.

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