NRA Poised And Ready With Some Piercing Advertising Against Hillary! (VIDEOS)

NRA Poised And Ready With Some Piercing Advertising Against Hillary!

It’s crunch time. Debates, campaign stops, news coverage, and now campaign ads. We will live, eat breath political ads for the next few weeks, until the election. The NRA is pulling out the stops with these riveting truthful ads that speak to the heart of every Second Amendment loving American.

Ad Age reported: An attractive woman, home alone and asleep in her second-floor bedroom, wakes with a gasp to the sound of breaking glass. As an intruder lurks in the shadows of the ground floor of the home, our protagonist bounds out of bed to grab her phone while simultaneously entering the combination on a nearby gun safe. An announcer explains what we’re seeing: “She’ll call 911. Average response time: 11 minutes. Too late. She keeps a firearm in this safe for protection. But Hillary Clinton could take away her right to self-defense.” Like magic, the gun safe suddenly disappears. “And with Supreme Court justices,” the announcer continues, “Hillary can. Don’t let Hillary leave you protected with nothing but a phone.”

And no truthful ad would be adequate without bringing light to Hillary’s hypocrisy.

The new commercial takes a much more visceral approach than a previous NRA ad, released in August, titled “Hypocrite Hillary Leaves You Defenseless”:

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