DISGUSTING: Obamacare Zealots Stage “Cough-In” At Trump International Hotel

One has to wonder how long it will take before leftist zealots get tired of political theater and begin to act like civilized human beings. It’s a good bet that everyone at the Trump International Hotel restaurant are also wondering the same thing.

To send yet another loud and left message to the Trump administration, a restaurant full of people were witness to a “cough-in.”

NY Daily News reported:

Protesters staged a cough-in at the Trump International Hotel and Tower restaurant Sunday to rail against the proposed repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

A group of about 15 health care advocates loudly cleared their throats and coughed as part of a day of nationwide protest to save Obamacare. They interrupted lunch hour at the posh Central Park West restaurant before they were booted by cops.

“People are going to die without health care,” said Nancy Brody Brooke, 54, a Brooklyn-based artist.

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Inside Edition added this.

The protesters then shouted: “We need Obamacare! Trump care makes us sick!” 

Hotels are expected to be flashpoints during President-elect Trump’s inauguration Friday, which is shaping up to be a security nightmare.

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At the Hyatt Place Hotel, located within blocks of the parade route, Hillary Clinton supporters, Trump enthusiasts and protesters will all be comingling, and the hotel is doing everything it can to keep the peace.

“We’ll have the National Guard right out front of the hotel 24/7,” hotel manager Stacy Smith told Inside Edition. “We will have plain clothes off duty police officers who will be helping us out with security efforts as well.”

Many are wondering how the left is going to react when the new Trumpcare plan comes out, is less expensive and covers everyone.

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