WHO WILL IT BE? Kellyanne Conway Turns Down Position of Trump Press Secretary

OH NO! Kellyanne Conway Turns Down Job In Trump Administration!

Some think Conway pulled the Trump campaign onto the mainstream path to victory. She has been poised, professional and articulate in keeping a radically left wing press at bay as they tried to undermine the Trump campaign. Who could ever fill her shoes?

It looks like someone is going to have to because Conway has decided not to take the job.

IJR reported the news.

President-elect Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, this morning told radio host Hugh Hewitt that she said “no” to the job of being Trump’s press secretary.

“I have politely declined that job. [However,] I think it’s an incredibly important position to fill.”

Conway didn’t stop there, stating she feels the media is still being unfair to Trump, even in the throes of his transition, with the inauguration just weeks away. She says whomever lands the press secretary gig will be prepared to handle a press corps that could have leftover acrimony from campaign season:

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“I think the skeptical and hostile press will continue, frankly like they have in these last five weeks since he got elected. I think many of them are election-deniers, still fighting the last war, still thinking we are in the permanent campaign.”

So, again, who could really fill Conway’s shoes?

However, that’s not to say whomever does land the post of White House spokesperson—and rumors right now suggest Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham could be on Trump’s short list of candidates—won’t have a huge impact on the soon-to-be-president’s messaging. Conway told Hewitt they will staff up in the press office:

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Seems kind of a shame to break up the tough and powerful winning team that got Trump into the white house.

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