OOPS! Crazy Liberal Inauguration Protestors Torched The Wrong Limo

If you’re going to stage a violent protest to advance your liberal agenda of inclusion and tolerance, maybe you should vet your victims.

During last weekend’s inauguration protests by disgruntled Dems, they thought they would get the better of wealthy capitalists and burn a limo to show their disgust. That didn’t quite work out so well for them.

Twitchy made this great point:

As Twitchy told you, last Friday, anti-Trump rioters in D.C. marked Inauguration Day by — among other things — setting fire to a limousine. So, which elitist capitalist Trump supporter did that limo belong to, anyway?

Yes! That’s right. The tolerant, inclusive Liberals, who love Muslims and Islam, targeted a Muslim limo owner and burned up his ride. Maybe the “heat” of the moment just got the better of them. Could happen to anybody, right?

ZeroHedge reports even more embarrassing atrocities. The limo owner wasn’t the wealthy 1%. That limo was his lively hood, and it’s going to cost him a pretty penny to replace it.

Images of so-called anti-Trump rioters breaking Starbucks’ windows, busting trash cans, and burning bourgeois limousines in the streets of Washington DC really exposed the reality of the alt-left’s toleranceand ‘stuck it to the man’. The only problem being, in the case of the limo, ‘the man’ was Muslim immigrant Muhammad Ashraf whose small business now faces $70,000 losses and an injured employee.

While we were all gleefully looking forward to the Trump administration torching the destructive policies of the Obama administration, who knew Liberals would self destruct so badly?

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