ARE THEY SERIOUS? Wikileaks Offers James Comey A Job

Who said the current hiring climate is stagnant? James Comey may be out of a job at the FBI but the folks at Wikileaks seem to think he’s a prime candidate for their Washington D.C. office.

The Daily Caller reports:

A surprising job offer rolled in for former FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday afternoon, mere hours after President Donald Trump fired him without warning.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said he would be happy to consider Comey for a position at the organization’s Washington D.C. office, where the now unemployed bureau chief might continue his mission to “properly investigate the U.S. government.”

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Evidently Assange thinks there some smoke smoldering under the Comey dismissal that will uncover a great scandal.

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They are more than willing to offer their services in exposing it to the world.

Zero Hedge reports that Edward Snowden thinks the firing was a cover up.

In the aftermath of James Comey’s termination, two of the most famous whistleblowers currently “in the wild” chimed in, and both were critical of Trump’s decision. 

As we first discussed last night, shortly after the news of Comey’s termination, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden (currently located in RYssia) accused the US administration of “political interference” for firing the FBI director.

But Assange continues to woo Comey…

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