Outrageous Hypocrisy! Obama Gives Mexico $75 Million To Build A Wall

Outrageous Hypocrisy! Obama Gives Mexico $75 Million To Build A Wall

This has got to be the biggest, most egregious hypocrisy ever, to come from the democratic party. While they scream Republicans are racist and bigoted,  the Obama administration in fact, has led the fight in helping Mexico BUILD A WALL on its souther border and deport thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants from its country. Unbelievable!

Newsmax released this information:

A Financial Times story details Mexico’s role in stopping people from getting into its country from Guatemala. A reported 175,000 Central Americans were deported from Mexico in 2015 (a 68 percent jump from 2014), and so far in 2016 that number is approaching 100,000.

The Times claims the U.S. is sending Mexico $75 million in the form of equipment and training to help shore up its southern border. Ultimately, some of the Central American migrants wind up at America’s southern doorstep. Stopping them from entering Mexico is the first line of defense.

A U.S. Border Patrol agent said earlier this year the U.S. should borrow a page out of Mexico’s security playbook and strengthen its border defenses and deport more illegals when they arrive.

What else can you do, but just shake your head. Just when you think it can’t possibly get any more ridiculous, it does.

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