This Musical Parody Of Overly Dramatic Democrats Is HILARIOUS! (VIDEO)

If you’re like most people, every time you hear a liberal speak, it’s probably followed by an eye roll and a sigh. Everything that comes out of their mouths is hysterically exaggerated drivel. Now there’s a song that classically spoofs their liberal drama.

Here’s the video. Enjoy it, and share with your friends:

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Here are just a couple classic lines from the song:

Alcohol deaths are exceeding comparisons
Black people, white people, Native Americans
We need to ban alcohol, it can’t be denied
Unless, of course, you just want PEOPLE TO DIE!

Murders are bad. They have no defenders
yet many are committed by repeat offenders
I say lifetime in prison, whatever the crime
unless, of course, you want PEOPLE TO DIE!

So I don’t have a bill, or a groan to detail
I just need a short clip for my donor email
That good? Cool. Tim, dinner at five? Yeah.

It’s worth the watch. We have waited a long time (8 years) to watch the left melt down.

This guy is funnier than anything we’ve seen on Saturday Night Live in months. Don’t you agree? Let us know in a comment!

Image: Screen Shot


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