The Trump presidency seems to be aging Chuck Todd.

While it’s only been three weeks, the Meet the Press host is tripping all over himself to criticize Trump’s high energy performance in this short time span.

NBC News released this from Chuck Todd:

Is this Week 3 of Trump’s presidency? Or Year 3?

Maybe the most remarkable aspect to President Trump’s first three weeks in office is how they look and feel like three years. Consider: 

  • Trump’s job-approval rating is in the low 40s, according to recent Gallup and Quinnipiac polls — territory that former Presidents Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama didn’t reach until years into their time in office.

Sorry, Chuck.

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Trump’s approval rating is actually at 50.2%, according to Reuters.

And it’s at 53%, according to Rasmussen.

But Chuck doesn’t stop there.

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He goes on to blame Trump for polarizing people, for activist judges stopping Trump’s immigration order and for the Senate’s effort to rein in Elizabeth Warren:

  • The country is completely polarized, with 84% of Republicans supporting suspending immigration from “terror-prone” countries, and with 84% of Democrats opposing it, per Quinnipiac. (Independents are 40% support, 53% oppose.)
  • A court battle — over Trump’s immigration ban — has captivated the country.
  • And Congress is already engaged in trench warfare (see Senate Republicans silencing Elizabeth Warren).

If this is the honeymoon period, well, the couple is already sleeping in separate beds and calling their parents to complain about their spouse. This isn’t to say that things can’t get better; they certainly can. But this isn’t how you want to start.

Someone should tell Chuck that Americans see all of the above as what a highly motivated president should be doing.

A president who wants to drain the swamp.

A president who doesn’t want to take 4 to 8 years to do it.

A president who is doing exactly what he was elected to do!

Update: Here was one Twitter user’s response to this story:

“Only 413 Chuck Todd years to go”!!

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