Princeton Professor Rips Obama For Condescending To Blacks

Princeton Professor Rips Obama For Condescending To Blacks

Whoa! Hold the phone! There are few institutions, in America, more liberal than our educational system, and our colleges and universities are at the top of that list. So it’s hard to see why would a black professor at one our most prestigious universities blast the Progressive in Chief? Well, this one did and he let Obama have it on the subject of the black vote.

Suggesting that failure to vote Clinton would insult him, as if that were the biggest issue on the minds of the black voters, Obama stuck his foot in it as he inevitably disenfranchised the very people he needs to get behind Clinton.

Grabien News published an excerpt of his MSNBC interview where he rips Obama!

GLAUDE: “They’re getting a little wobbly but they’re still still sturdy. (Laughter) And part of — you know, I am really — I was really annoyed actually by the president’s speech.”

SCARBOROUGH: “Were you really? I thought that was inspiring.”

GLAUDE: “Well, you know, I think part of what we see is that the Clinton campaign made a bad decision. They spent most of the summer trying to court disaffected Republicans and taking their baits for granted. And I said on this show that how what would happen as she was getting the endorsement of Bush Republicans and the like, how would that excite those folks who were supporting Bernie Sanders? How would that excite Latino, how would it excite voters African-American voters? And so, now, what do we get? Instead of a series of rationale arguments from the president to black political — to black voters, we get, you know, don’t insult me.”

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GLAUDE: “And I just find that condescending. And I know I’m going to get in trouble for it, I just founded it.

It’s no wonder the black vote is running to Trump. The left, and Obama, is disenfranchising it’s own base.

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