Progressive Survey Says White Christians Now A Minority In U.S.

The question here is why would the politically correct, supposedly non-racist left promote a survey against white Christians?

Sounds like profiling from a group that doesn’t like to identify races in any form or circumstance.

Breitbart has the details:

White Christians are a declining minority of the increasingly diverse United States, claims a new survey funded, drafted and promoted by progressive groups.

White Christians comprise 73 percent of the Republican Party, but only 29 percent of the Democratic Party, says the survey by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), which is headed by Robert P. Jones, author of The End of White Christian America.

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… Results of the survey were based on 101,438 bilingual telephone interviews (including 60,355 cell phone interviews) conducted between January 6, 2016 and January 10, 2017.

Among the findings is that the percentage of white Christian groups in the nation accounts for fewer than half the public, and that the number of religiously unaffiliated individuals (24 percent) has risen dramatically.

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According to the survey, only 43 percent of Americans identify as white Christians today, and only 30 percent as white Protestants. This contrasts with the eight in ten, or 81 percent, of Americans who identified as white Christians in 1976, and the 55 percent who said they were white Protestants.

The survey states that only 17 percent of Americans identify today as white evangelical Protestants, in contrast to the 23 percent who said the same in 2006. Over the same period, Americans identifying as white Catholics dropped five percentage points from 16 to 11 percent, while white mainline Protestants decreased from 18 to 13 percent.

The survey also finds the Northeast is no longer the center of the American Catholic Church, though Rhode Island is still the most Catholic state in the country at 41 percent of the public.

The assault on conservative Americans is just beginning. It’s ironic the left finds it necessary to target whites and Christians in that assault.

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