Running Scared: Liberal Media Already Working To Suppress State Of The Union Messaging (VIDEO)

Trump’s messaging is popular. It’s popular with not only conservative Republicans but also with Independents and Democrats, too. That is, Independents and Democrats outside the beltway. That spells big trouble for swamp creatures and the liberal media working tirelessly to undermine the Trump presidency.

The SOTU is the best opportunity the president has to reach an unlimited audience all year. The content can stay on the minds of voters for a very long time. That’s also a big problem when you are in the business of creating false narratives to further liberal agendas.

ABC’s Martha Raddatz had this to say when asked if Trump would be able to “reset” the hostility over DACA debates in recent weeks.

Newsbusters reports:

Raddatz didn’t believe it was possible and quipped about how both sides would take what they wanted from the speech and that would be it. But she went a bit further and seemed to suggest none of it mattered since the media was just going to forget about it later:

“But just looking at David Wright’s piece there and what he was saying when he spoke in front of Congress before and saying, we don’t want to be divided. Things pass really quickly. Things move really quickly in this town and in this country and they might forget about that speech within a couple of days, even if they like it.”

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There was a similar sentiment on NBC’s Sunday Today where Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd seemed bitter in saying: “Ask yourself, in the era of Trump, does a big speech like the State of the Union have any legs anymore, right?

Is it going to have any lasting impact beyond the 12-hour news cycle we’re on these days of stories? You realize it’s been less than a week since the government was shut down,” Todd continued. “Okay. And so ask yourself if this state of the union is good. Will we be talking about it on Wednesday afternoon?

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This will be almost as fun as it was to watch the MSM meltdown on election night. You can’t keep a successful Trump administration down.

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