Rush Limbaugh Isn’t The Only One Who Doesn’t Believe The Polls

Rush Limbaugh Isn't The Only One Who Doesn't Believe The Polls

We’ve told you this before. And Rush Limbaugh has been out there with that message for quite some time. The polls are not a true reflection of what is really happening in the current political climate. The purpose of polls, conducted by media, is to mold and shape public opinion, not to report it.

Today, Rush reported that same message is starting to resonate with others in the media. It’s about time.

Don’t forget, there is an undeniable truth in politics, and it is this: Polling data is used to shape public opinion. Polling data… Whether it’s presidential races or anything else, if it’s a poll, it is being used to make news. Polling has become the mechanism by which the media can write their own stories, can set their own agenda, and make it look like they’ve got nothing to do with it. The polls have these reputations of independent, nonpartisan, bipartisan, uninterested in the outcome.

… This is what they’re trying to say, and people are abandoning Trump in droves. They’re trying to make that happen. Who knows? We don’t know whether it’s being effective but they are trying to do it. But I’m telling you, with A.B. Stoddard out there warning everybody to be a little suspicious of polls…

RUSH: A.B. Stoddard on Fox from mentioned about a half hour ago that the polling data that we see right now may not be entirely predictive. It’s her way of saying that she doesn’t think the race is this far in Hillary’s favor and is nowhere near over.

And I want to take her occasion of making that comment to remind you again that all of these polls are being used to suppress support for Trump. They are being used to encourage people to abandon Trump. They’re being used to encourage Trump to abandon his campaign. Their purpose is to dispirit and depress everyone and convince as many people as possible that it’s over, that Trump is a buffoon and has no chance whatsoever, all of it’s a waste of time, they might as well concede now and you might as well concede now. That’s the purpose of it.

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The pollsters, about five to seven days out, is when they issue their last poll or the last two polls before the election. Those are the ones you really look at, because they are the polls their reputations will be staked to, and every polling unit at the end of a campaign wants to be trusted and reliable, they want to be shown to be right.

And of course, we first reported when Rush told you not to panic about the polling numbers.

But Rush Limbaugh interjects calm reasoning into the pre election hysteria.

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Okay. I have to tell you, I am being inundated — well, inundated may be a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much. I’m getting a lot of emails from a lot of people who are getting full-fledged panicked. I mean, it’s time to keep the sharp objects away from some of these people. They are convinced that two things are happening.

They are convinced that Trump is blowing this as badly as anybody could blow anything by not forgetting about this porn star, tweeting out about this woman, this Alicia Machado babe even at three o’clock this morning, while other issues are much more important, the issues that frame and define Hillary Clinton as unqualified and unfit and as corrupt. And they wish Trump would stop this. There are too many other things, it’s getting too close to the election now to be sidetracked by all this.

It just doesn’t make sense. Hillary can hardly draw enough numbers to out seat the staff that organizes her events. The Donald is drawing tens of thousands to his events and you probably will see more TRUMP/PENCE signs driving through neighborhoods and along highways than ever before.

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