Rush Limbaugh On The Polls: I’m Not Panicked – You Shouldn’t Be Either

Rush Limbaugh On The Polls: I'm Not Depressed And Panicked - You Can't Allow Yourself To Be Either

Since the first debate, EVERYONE has been analyzing the results, HOPING for a slam dunk to elevate Trump to a winning status before the election. Well, his performance wasn’t …. great, but that doesn’t mean he’s losing. There’s a lot of speculation as to whether the polls are accurately reflecting the peoples attitudes, and, well, there is always that Liberal Media spin to consider.

But Rush Limbaugh interjects calm reasoning into the pre election hysteria.

Okay. I have to tell you, I am being inundated — well, inundated may be a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much. I’m getting a lot of emails from a lot of people who are getting full-fledged panicked. I mean, it’s time to keep the sharp objects away from some of these people. They are convinced that two things are happening.

They are convinced that Trump is blowing this as badly as anybody could blow anything by not forgetting about this porn star, tweeting out about this woman, this Alicia Machado babe even at three o’clock this morning, while other issues are much more important, the issues that frame and define Hillary Clinton as unqualified and unfit and as corrupt. And they wish Trump would stop this. There are too many other things, it’s getting too close to the election now to be sidetracked by all this.

… The panic is about the debate. The post-debate polls are coming in and it’s clear that in the scientific polls that Hillary prevailed. … these online polls where you click on who you think won as many times as you want. They trash those polls being inaccurate and unreliable and meaningless, in favor of the scientific polls ’cause the scientific polls are scientific.

…But popularity is not the single determining factor, as we all know, in how people vote.

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There are a lot of variables the media is tossing into the salad, but the end game of the campaign, at this point is…

That’s how it all started, and it was planned, and so is Miss Universe. She has been planned. This has been something that’s designed to be injected in the campaign after the first debate, actually at the debate. And a lot of people are saying, “Somebody needs to tell Trump this whole thing has been jigged up, it’s not legitimate, it’s not real, and he shouldn’t give it any more time.”

We’re being played by the hoaxing media. Don’t panic!

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