Sarah Huckabee Sanders Hits Liberal Media Over Relentless Obsession With Russia (VIDEO)

This was truly a thing of beauty. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has wasted no time in settling into her post as the White House press secretary. She recently sliced up the press corps with with skill unlike anything we have seen in a long time.

The Free Beacon reported:

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders lambasted the media on Tuesday for being “misleading” with their “false narrative” about Russian collusion with President Donald Trump’s campaign.

A reporter asked Sanders about the letter in which Donald Trump, Jr. disclosed information about his meeting in June 2016 with a Russian lawyer, a meeting that has attracted significant criticism. A Washington Post report revealed on Monday that the letter was in fact dictated by President Trump.

Sanders responded by turning the question to how the media has framed the ongoing story.

Watch the video:

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Here’s what Sanders said:

“I think what the bigger question is, everybody wants to try to make this some story about misleading. The only thing I see misleading is a year’s worth of stories that have been fueling a false narrative about this Russia collusion and a phony scandal based on anonymous sources,” she said. “And I think that is, if we’re going to talk about misleading, that’s the only thing misleading I see in this entire process.”

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You guys are focused on a meeting that Don Jr. had, no consequence, when the Democrats actually colluded with a foreign government like Ukraine; the Democrat-linked firm Fusion GPS actually took money from the Russian government while it created the phony dossier that’s been the basis for all of the Russia scandal fake news,”

This is the best part:

“If you want to talk further about our relationship with Russia, look no further than the Clintons,” Sanders said. “Bill Clinton was paid half a million dollars to give a speech to a Russian bank and was personally thanked by by [Vladimir] Putin for it. Hillary Clinton allowed one-fifth of America’s uranium reserve to be sold to a Russian firm whose investors were Clinton Foundation donors, and the Clinton campaign chairman’s brother lobbied against sanctions on Russia’s largest bank and failed to report it.”

She is great!

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