Democrat Senator Makes Bizarre Joke About Husband’s Private Plane (VIDEO)


If her last election, Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill faced questions about using her husband’s private plane.

As a member of the “jet set,” it made her look bad to the everyday working class of Missouri.

As she tries to maintain her senate seat in the 2018 election, McCaskill tried to make a bizarre joke about her husband’s private plane.

The Washington Examiner outlines McCaskill’s strange view of her constituents:

“Sen. Claire McCaskill thinks that owning a private jet is ‘normal.’ So put your tray tables up, because her comment to that effect could cause significant turbulence for the Missouri Democrat’s re-election campaign.

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When a constituent noted that affordable air travel and the American dream are intertwined, McCaskill replied ‘will you remind that when they come after me about my husband’s private plane? That normal people can afford it.’

But most of Missouri can’t jet set like the senator. The average household earns about $50,000 per year. Accustomed to the finer things, McCaskill used to fly home on the weekends on an eight passenger Pilatus PC-12/45, a turboprop plane retailing around $2 million.

… Republicans won’t let voters forget that the senator was forced to pay $300,000 in state property taxes on her private plane. The electorate will be reminded about the fact that their senator had to repay $88,000 to the Department of Treasury for her fuel and pilot fees.”

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Here’s the video:

McCaskill is one of four Senate Democrats who recently had their chances of re-election downgraded by a non-partisan report. 

The Cook Political Report said about McCaskill: 

“She isn’t likely to have as easy a path to re-election this cycle. It is not certain that Republicans can avoid a primary, but they aren’t likely to let McCaskill and Democrats dictate the terms. And while the Democratic incumbent understands what a fine line she walks in a Republican-leaning state, the electorate has become even more conservative since 2012. In 2016, President Donald Trump carried the state by 19 points, as Republicans won a U.S. Senate seat and every statewide office on the ballot.”

Bizarre jokes about her husband’s private plane won’t help!

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