Steve Bannon: Hillary Clinton Isn’t Very Bright (VIDEO)

Steve Bannon was on fire in his first television interview since leaving the White House. And the country is eating it up. There’s nothing to fuel the fires of a grassroots uprising like someone who speaks the plain truth. Bannon did just that, at the same time unraveling decades of political correctness.

As for Hillary? He wasted no time pointing out what is obvious to everyone except the mainstream media and far left zealots. Hillary just isn’t that bright.

CBS News published post highlights of the Bannon interview, and it was there he very deftly handed a sliced up Hillary to Charlie Rose:

Here’s the video:

During Bannon’s time in the Trump administration, he and the president embraced the nationalist philosophy they both shared. Hillary Clinton overlooked populism at her peril, Bannon says.

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“Hillary Clinton’s not very bright,” he tells Rose. “Everybody says she’s so smart, so much smarter than Donald Trump.”

“She doesn’t really have a grasp. She doesn’t have a grasp on what’s important and what’s not.”

So, when Clinton attacked Breitbart News — Bannon’s workplace before and after his time in the administration — as supporting white supremacists, she was missing the point, Bannon says.

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“First off, not only is it morally wrong, it’s also totally irrelevant,” he says.

What Bannon feels is relevant is “economic nationalism” wherein American citizens are prioritized above everyone else.

The only question before us: Is it going to be a left-wing populism or a right-wing populism,” Bannon says. “And that is the question that will be answered in 2020.”

Let’s hope Bannon does more interviews like this. It’s just the shot in the arm the country needs for draining the swamp.

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