#StopTheBullying Trends On Twitter As Rosie O’Donnell Says Barron Trump Is Autistic (TWEETS)

#StopTheBullying Trends As Rosie O'Donnell Says Baron Trump Is Autistic (TWEETS)

Some people just don’t know when to quit. It would seem that Rosie O’Donnell just can’t leave The Donald and his family alone. Now she’s taking shots at Barron, and receiving a lot of push back for her “efforts.”

Western Journalism posted this:

Actress Rosie O’Donnell is facing a major backlash this week after she shared a video on Twitter speculating that President-elect Donald Trump’s youngest son, Barron, might suffer from autism.

… As Trump ascended to the top of the Republican Party — shattering expectations to eventually become the President-elect of the United States — the liberal comedian has remained one of his most ardent opponents on Twitter.

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But a tweet posted Monday about Trump’s 10-year-old son has even vocal Trump critics disavowing O’Donnell.

“Barron Trump Autistic?” she posted, along with a link to seven-minute YouTube video that speculates the youngster might suffer from the neurodevelopmental disorder.


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Traditionally, POTUS children have always been “off-limits,” but perhaps someone forgot to tell Rosie. The titter sphere reminded her, though.


Poor Rosie! All that backlash must have hurt her feelings. So, she backtracks.

Freedom Daily posted her “retraction diatribe.”

Here is how it went down. My 3.5 yr old daughter Dakota was diagnosed in September with HFA – high functioning autism. I have been immersed in that world/reality since. learning – reading – asking questions, It’s all autism – all the time for the newly diagnosed as we try to grab onto anything to keep us standing. The knowledge we r not alone, there r others living this too. When I saw the anti bullying video that mentioned Barron it spoke to the symptoms many ASD kids have it was educational and informational. These symptoms so many do not understand– I thought – how amazing IF it is true. IF it is true – I tweeted from my heart. It would help so much with the autism epidemic. 1 in 55 kids is an epidemic. Donald and I agree on that and not much else. I feel he is a clear and present danger but this autism subject had nothing to do with Donald. Though i admithe does trigger me in all ways. I have no ill will for his children –or any children –and if u knew anything about me –u would know that. Donald does not have the power to change the facts to re write history so speak true – stand tall. THE WORLD IS WATCHING. For those who felt me a horror what can i say humans we try our very best and fail often. Peace out as we try to save democracy from this madman who thinks OUR country is his.

Still didn’t work to turn the train wreck around. Everyone saw right through her attacks as tasteless, classless and outrageously abusive.

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