Sorry Democrats! College Students Are Not Siding With Liberals On The Government Shutdown (VIDEO)

While college students are not completely siding with Republicans, they are certainly not pointing all fingers in their direction when distributing blame for the shut down. At least they are on the right track. This must be a disappointing shock to liberal indoctrination mill college campuses. Students are starting to think for themselves when it comes to liberal shenanigans.

Watch this amazing video from Campus Reform.

And yes, they still show some signs of liberal leanings, but they are less enamored with leftist rhetoric and funny business. Here’s what they had to say:

Although the shutdown came to a close Monday after 69 hours, the political blame game has only just begun. Republicans were quick to label the event “The Schumer Shutdown,” blaming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, while Democrats sought to place the blame on President Trump and Republican leadership.

With the 2018 midterm elections rapidly approaching, the question of who takes the blame amongst the electorate is an important one.

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… Wanting to know if that same resentment for obstructionist tactics in Congress would be felt by millennials now that Democrats were the minority party, Campus Reform headed to NYU in Manhattan to ask a simple question: “Who do you blame for the shutdown?”

It quickly became clear that the students weren’t ready to place the blame solely on either party, regardless of who is currently in power, saying that Republican and Democrat leaders are both responsible for the situation.

“I mean, the government in general is pretty dysfunctional, so there’s equal blame on both sides,” one student responded, with a classmate concurring that “they sort of both lost…the people didn’t really win.”

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“The fact that people aren’t talking to each other; working across the line…I think everyone is a little bit to blame for it,” another student opined.

Yes, it’s not a total shift to the right, but it’s a start. And when millennials begin to recognize swamp creatures for what they are, perhaps the left will realize they don’t have the youth vote as sewn up as they have had in the past. Good news for us in the coming 2018 elections.

Now if we could just eliminate the “I mean,” and the “like” from their vocabulary, we might just have hopes for an articulate future.

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