IRONY: 60 Minutes Does A Story On FAKE NEWS (VIDEO)

Take a peek at what 60 Minutes tried to pass off as serious journalism. This week they featured a story on “Fake News.” Yes, Really! Maybe they are just running interference for their side.

What shouldn’t go unnoticed is their subtle tie-in to the Russian scam narrative. The left is carefully fabricating a scandal between the Trump administration and Russia, and every piece of “news” coming from their media is helping to weave a tapestry of fake news.

Here’s the CBS promo for the “Fake News” piece:

What does the phrase “fake news” mean? It depends who you ask. The term has become so loaded that when a team of 60 Minutes producers began to investigate fake news, the producers first had to agree on a definition.  

“We weren’t interested in doing a story about the ‘fake news’ that is invoked by politicians against the media for stories that they don’t like or for comments that they don’t like,” explains producer Michael Radutzky in the 60 Minutes Overtime video above. “We’re using the term ‘fake news’ to describe stories that are provably false, have enormous traction in the culture, and are consumed by millions of people.”

As you read this next paragraph, try not to explode with laughter.

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“What we are talking about are stories that are fabricated out of thin air,” says 60 Minutes producer Guy Campanile. “By most measures, deliberately, and by any definition, that’s a lie.”

The 60 Minutes team found that people who fabricate stories do it for different reasons. For Jestin Coler, the man behind the fake news sites National Report and Denver Guardian, making up the news was “fun.”

Watch this video and notice their first segment in the story is about bots, that help generate an audience for fake news:

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PELLY: We discovered how some fake news publishers use fraudulent computer software called bots to make the articles to appear to be wildly popular.  …. We bought 5000 bots from a Russian website. They cost us just $500.

Did you notice from whom they bought the bots?

Nothing is ever without its agenda when it comes from the left.

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