LABORERS JUMP ON THE TRUMP TRAIN – Builders And Contractors Love The Deregulation

Labor used to be a faithful Democrat demographic. Not any more.

The Associated Builders and Contractors just gave Trump a huge vote of confidence.

MilTec just published a statement from the Associated Builders and Contractors:

President Trumps Executive Action Will Spur Job Growth, ABC Says

“Associated Builders and Contractors looks forward to working with the Trump administration to fix our broken regulatory system–one that values input from the job creators impacted by the unintended consequences of over-regulation. ABC understands the value of a transparent and effective regulatory system, unfortunately, for far too long our economy has been hampered by unnecessarily cumbersome and costly regulations often driven by a political agenda and not backed by sound evidence.

“By taking action to provide needed relief from the costly and onerous regulations created by the Obama administration, President Trump’s executive actions will free up job creators to invest more time and money in their businesses, which will help create jobs and grow the economy. Increased economic growth often translates directly to increased construction activity and more well-paying construction jobs in communities across the country.”

And AFL-CIO leaders are also supporting Trump.

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FOX News Business has this.

During the presidential election, the AFL-CIO voted to endorse Hillary Clinton. In a press release, Trumka said that Clinton “demonstrated a strong commitment to the issues that matter to working people.”

Now that the dealmaker-in-chief is in the Oval Office, Trumka said the AFL-CIO will be “behind him” as long as he does what is good for the “economy and workers.”

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“He had a message where he wasn’t going to let Wall Street run wild, and he said the American economy works best when it works for American workers. Now, they want him to put that into action. If he does that I think he’s going to find support from all workers quite frankly, because the rules are rigged against us. We want the rules rewritten; if he’ll do it we’ll help him.”

They’ve come around for Trump.

This is going to hurt the Left in 2018!

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