The View Compares Christians TO THE TALIBAN Over Birth Control (VIDEO)

Only the ladies of The View could make a comparison like this. Who in their right mind would draw a conclusion between Christians and the Taliban over access to birth control?

News Busters has the transcript of this bizarre conversation:

SARA HAINES: It’s also a bit of conflict for them to say this. You want to remove funding from places like Planned Parenthood that allows for family planning and decisions… You’re not giving them options to make the right decision if you are pulling — you’re almost punishing us for having ovaries.

HAINES: The other thing is that everyone has an image of a teenage girl that needs to go secretly and be on birth control. Many of the people on birth control are women like me in their 30s. That are trying to maintain a marriage and do “that biblical thing” and know what their limits are.

HOSTIN: What was surprising to me was Christians and evangelicals and people of faith is that they are supportive of this rolling back of contraception for women, but what they don’t understand is because of this Obama mandate, abortion was lowest for the first time since 1970.

BEHAR: Simple studies show that free birth control lowers abortion rates by a range of 62% to 78%.

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HOSTIN: So if you are someone of faith that says you’re pro-life, then you should be supportive of people using birth control.

WHOOPI: How about this? Do what you need to do for your family. Let me do what I need to do for mine, and we’ll all be fine. I don’t understand. [applause]

BILA: You can’t hide behind religion to restrict other people’s rights. That is not okay.

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WHOOPI: That’s done all the time. We saw it when people said, we can’t have gay people adopting.

BILA: That’s right. That’s wrong too. It’s wrong.

BEHAR: How is it different from the Taliban I’d like to know.

Watch the video:

They sure seem rational, don’t they?


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