Libertarian Gary Johnson Isn’t A Serious Candidate – Here’s Why (VIDEO)

There Are MANY Reasons Why Gary Johnson Won't Be On The Debate Stage (VIDEOS)

At this late date, if you’re still looking for a third party candidate to support, here’s some pretty good evidence on why you should walk past Gary Johnson.

Since he couldn’t make the cut to secure a place on the debate stage, you’ll just have to rely on what you see in the media to make your judgements on Johnson. After you watch these videos, you will see exactly why he couldn’t make the cut.

There is more than enough evidence to suggest that Gary Johnson is an idiot. This will, absolutely, pop the Gary Johnson, Libertarian bubble.

Johnson: Well I do think that climate change is occurring that it is man caused. One of the proposals that I think is very Libertarian proposal, and I’m just open to this, is taxing carbon emissions. 

It appears that Gary Johnson is the victim of regular brain farts. His answer to “who is your favorite world leader” will have you spewing your morning coffee all over your computer screen.

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JOHNSON: I guess I’m having an Aleppo moment in the former president of Mexico… I’m having a brain freeze.

You might want to reconsider voting third party. Gary just has not got the horsepower between the ears to get the job done. Plus, he can get very weird.

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Hillary’s record speaks for itself. She’s a criminal and she wallows with unsavory elitist dictators. Trump is the only one working to restore America to its origins and to greatness.

Gary Johnson can’t begin to even focus his thoughts in that direction.

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