Third Gender Bathrooms Could Lead To Third Gender Birth Certificates In Washington State

You’ve heard just about every ridiculous argument to be had on the transgender bathroom debate. Its well known liberals can never leave a  dead issue, without pushing it one step farther. So, get ready, folks. Washington state is debating a third gender option on birth certificates.

Lefty rags, like the New Republic are spreading spin that Americans don’t want to be hemmed in on bathroom choice. You know, like it’s mainstream that everyone is on board with the transgender thing:

Americans are split on the transgender-bathroom issue.

According to a new Pew Research Center study, 51 percent believe transgender people should be able to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity; 46 percent disagree.

Well, maybe folks just don’t want their young children traumatized in a bathroom by a transgender adult. Ya think?

However, never let it be said that a liberal doesn’t take every opportunity to push it to the limit.

The AP/US News reported that Washington state is seriously considering altering birth certificates to allow a third gender:

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SEATTLE (AP) — Washington health officials took public comment on a proposal to allow a third gender option on birth certificates in the state.

KING-TV reports officials heard from supporters and critics during the Tuesday hearing on the proposal that could go into effect by February if approved.

State officials are considering adding the non-binary option gender X to certificates. Currently the state only allows male or female on the documents.

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Supporters say the third option would alleviate confusion and frustration and create an atmosphere of better understanding.

KUOW adds this:

Under the proposed change, adults could request an “X” designation on their birth certificates. Children could also make the change with the consent of their parents and with a doctor’s note.

More for Americans support common sense returning to our culture. The fight to make America great again never ends.

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