Tim Kaine Considers “F” Rating From The NRA A Badge Of Honor

Tim Kaine Considers "F" Rating From NRA A Badge Of Honor

While it’s hardly a scarlet letter, it certainly isn’t anything to be proud of. Somebody needs to tell flip-flopping Tim Kaine that pushing back against the second amendment isn’t a good thing. Flip-flopping isn’t helping him either.

Breitbart reported:

The NRA reminds voters Tim Kaine received an “F” rating for his refusal to defend the Second Amendment as political office holder. Kaine is responding by noting he’s proud to receive such a grade from the NRA.

The NRA tweeted, “Time Kaine [was] perennially rated ‘F’ by the NRA during his tenure at both the state and federal levels.”

And if you didn’t think Kaine was an A** before, well, there is this…

So, how does he call himself a strong supporter of 2A?

During the October 4 Vice Presidential debate Kaine described himself as a “strong Second Amendment supporter.” He then pushed for more gun control on law-abiding citizens and claimed that more background checks would prevent “tragedies”–i.e., high profile shootings–from taking place.

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