TRUMP ADMINISTRATION WASTES NO TIME: WH Climate Change Web Page Disappears After Oath Of Office

The left’s crybabies are going to have a tougher time driving their climate change narrative in the new Trump administration. For years they’ve had the bully pulpit and the support of the liberal media to promote their issue.

Well, that’s over now.

The Hill reports just how fast the Trump administration took down the climate change web page from the government site.

Less than an hour after President Trump took the oath of office on Friday, the White House’s webpage on climate change disappeared, the latest sign that the new administration will divert resources – and attention – from the issue.

The removal of the page from the White House’s website came around the same time the site and other Executive Branch digital platforms were overhauled to reflect the new administration.

The Chicago Tribune added this:

Similarly, the climate change web page that existed under Obama was immediately scrubbed, with no mention of climate change under Trump’s energy plan.

Instead, he vowed to eliminate “harmful and unnecessary policies” such as the Climate Action Plan and the Waters of the United States rule. The first represents a variety of efforts President Obama pursued to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions while the second is a rule issued by the Environmental Protection Agency to protect not only the largest waterways but smaller tributaries that others believe should fall under the jurisdiction of states rather than the federal government.

It’s a new day. On to the real and important business of governing a nation.

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