Trump Breaks Social Media Records During Debate Despite Hollywood Elite Best Efforts

Hollywood Elites Spout Off On Twitter During Debate, But Trump Still Dominates Social Media Presence

The dust has settled. The first debate is over and both candidates maneuvered through it to campaign another day. But the left, media and Hollywood elites, have had plenty to say on social media. Regardless of their best attempts to dis the Republican candidate, Trump enjoyed a YUUUUGE presence on social media. A record breaking presence, in fact.

USA Today:

Facebook reported Tuesday morning that 18.6 million people created 73.8 million likes, posts, comments and shares related to the debate Monday. There were also 55 million views of debate-related Live videos on Facebook.

For comparison: There were 7.4 million people using Facebook during the first GOP primary debate in August 2015 and they generated 20 million interactions.

Four out of five people (79%) were talking about Trump on Facebook compared with one-fifth (21%) who were talking about Clinton.

Twitter announced late Monday night that the debate was the most tweeted about in history.

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…. Twitter on conversations about Trump nearly doubled those about Clinton, 62% to her 38%.

Additionally, #TrumpWon was the trending hashtag on twitter.

Here are just some of the leftist insights, via twitter, listed at Breitbart.

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Prolific pro-Clinton tweeters like Katy Perry, Elizabeth Banks, Debra Messing and Cher praised their candidate’s performance, while conservative actor James Woods tweeted in support of Trump.

James Woods, a Trump conservative got a few in for the other side.

It’s just a few weeks before the second debate in St. Louis. No doubt Trump will have learned from his mistakes and the left will be gearing up for a repeat performance in debate spin and lies.

If these social media trends are any indicator, Trump will win this election in a landslide, despite the best efforts of the tools on the left, desperately spinning for Hillary.

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