Trump Budget Makes “Significant” Cuts To Taxpayer Funding For UN

There are some of us who believe we’ve got no business wasting time and money on the U.N. We fund it. We acquiesce to it, and we continually get stabbed in the back by it. Now there’s a new sheriff in town, and he’s not buying into the UN’s baloney anymore.

The New American has the details:

The Trump administration’s proposed 2019 fiscal year budget calls for significant cuts to U.S. taxpayer funding of the United Nations and some of its most anti-American, anti-freedom agencies and programs. A number of controversial UN outfits would lose all U.S. tax money.

Overall, though, the proposal would cut just a third of the “International Affairs Budget,” which funds foreign aid, diplomacy, and international organizations such as the UN. Globalists and pro-UN liberals were outraged by the proposal, demanding that Republican leaders in Congress refuse to support the cuts. But grassroots conservatives and leaders suggested that steeper cuts or even a full U.S. withdrawal from the UN would be a better way to advance Trump’s publicly articulated “America First” agenda.

In total, Trump is seeking almost $42 billion for the so-called International Affairs Budget. That may sound like a massive amount of money, and it is — especially considering that the U.S. government remains $20 trillion in the red and has an estimated $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities. But compared with 2017 numbers, the last budget enacted before Trump took office, that is a 30 percent cut, down from almost $60 billion. The proposed budget also significantly reins in U.S. funding for the UN’s disgraced “peace” armies, which have developed a well-deserved global reputation for raping children and terrorizing populations in every nation they occupy.

Under Trump’s plan, Contributions for International Peacekeeping Activities (CIPA) would go from almost $2 billion in 2017 to about $1.2 billion in 2019, according to an analysis by the rabidly pro-UN “Better World Campaign.”

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Keep going, President Trump! You’re so on the right track to making America great again.

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