Trump Offers Change And Substance In Healthcare Policy

Trump Offers Change And Substance In Healthcare Policy

With just weeks before the election, it’s time to get away from hysteria and hyperbole and talk substance. Healthcare is at the top of everyone’s must change list. Here’s how Trump and Hillary measure up. Actually, Hillary doesn’t come close.

Lifezette outlines it here.

Look no further than health care reform if you still need a reason to vote for Donald J. Trump, the Republican nominee for the presidency — and as you watch the first presidential debate on Monday night.

… Here are four reasons Trump’s health care plan will provide consumers with significantly better options.

1.) Insurance Available Across State Lines
You can get spinach from California, oranges from Florida, and cheese from Wisconsin. Why can’t you get access to the cheaper health care plans available in other states, such as Utah and Colorado?

2.) Transparency in Prices
Only two states, Maryland and West Virginia, have any restrictions on how much hospitals can charge for their services.

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3.) Open Borders on Prescription Drug Market
Prescription drug costs rose 12.6 percent in 2014 alone, and they’re expected to rise another 7 percent this year.

4.) Welfare Spending Eliminated for Illegal Immigrants
An estimated 49 percent of legal immigrant households make extensive use of welfare programs, according to the Center for Immigration Studies.

If this sounds like he stuff dreams are made of, don’t forget to get to the polls in November.

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