UGH! Chelsea Manning Lands First TV Interview On ABC News (VIDEO)

This interview is pretty much everything you’d expect. You just knew it was going to be more left wing garbage. And congratulations to ABC for landing this one and spreading more biased coverage of this traitor.

The Daily Mail reports:

Chelsea Manning broke down in tears while thanking former President Barack Obama in her first interview since she was released from prison last month. 

In a preview of her ‘Nightline’ interview with Juju Chang that will air early next week, Manning was asked what she would say to Obama if she had the chance to speak with him after he commuted her prison sentence prior to leaving office.

She immediately began sobbing at the mention of Obama’s name, before saying: ‘Thank you for giving me a chance. That’s all I wanted.’

Manning, 29, continued to cry as she then added: ‘That’s all I asked for was chance, that’s it. And this is my chance.’

Her initial prison sentence had been for 35 years, the longest term ever handed down to a leaker in the United States, but thanks to Obama she was released after just seven years behind bars.

When the former army intelligence officer was asked if she believed that she owed Americans an apology for her actions, she replied: ‘I’ve accepted responsibility. No one told me to do this. Nobody directed me to do this.’

She then added: ‘This is me. It’s on me.

Watch the video:

MANNING: So, I’m just me, it’s as simple as that. 

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When asked, “Do you feel as though you owe the American people an apology?” He/She said:

Ive accepted responsibly. No-one told me to do this. Nobody directed me to do this. This is me. It’s just me. 

I’m getting all this information. And it’s just death, destruction and mayhem. And eventually, I just stopped seeing just statistics and information. And I started seeing people. Counter insurgency warfare is not a simple thing. It’s not as simple as good guys vs. bad guys. It’s a mess.

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Does anyone think this weak attempt to touch the hearts and minds of Americans, especially those who lost loved ones because of what Manning did, will change anything?

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