UH-OH! GOP Down Ballot Traitors Experiencing Withdraw Of Support From Voters …


…. But not because of Trump, but rather the lack of down ballot candidate’s support for Trump.

Gee! Do ya think that maybe all those eGOP turncoats who so hastily withdrew their support from Donald Trump just moments after the video was leaked might be wishing they hadn’t thrown those stones?

Politico outlines why some of the political elite eGOP scum are squirming right about now. They’re still holding on the the false premise that Trump is hurting them. Obviously the narcissists don’t realize their own lack of support for the people’s candidate, is what’s threatening their re-election.

— THE DOWNBALLOT EFFECT — “Republicans fear GOP voters will stay home after Trump comments,” by the Campaign Pro team: “Republicans are terrified about turnout in the November elections, as they watch the backlash erupting after Donald Trump was caught on tape bragging about groping women and making other unwanted sexual advances a decade ago. While GOP party leaders and elected officials began abandoning Trump in droves Friday and Saturday, Republican strategists also worried that a similar reaction among the party rank and file may condemn battleground GOP senators and House members to a down-ballot wipeout in a month, if large numbers of their base voters simply stay home out of disgust with Trump instead of voting down the ticket.”

Social media tells a tale of some who may be losing support for not supporting The Donald. And good riddance.

Ann Wagner, a St. Louis congresswoman, was one of the first to stick with her establishment loyalties and St. Louis Tea Party co-founder, and FOX news contributor, Gina Loudon, let her, and the other scum, have it.

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Her sentiments have been echoed by voters across the country.

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Wikipedia now has a chronological list of all the traitors in the Republican party who threw Trump under the bus.

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