UH-OH! The Fix Is In – Facebook To Supply Questions For POTUS Debate

UH-OH! The Fix Is In - Facebook To Supply Questions For POTUS Debate

Is this really a good idea? I guess it is if you’re trying to throw the debates for Hillary. Facebook will be gathering the questions, from average Americans via their social media platform, to ask the POTUS candidates at the debate.

The Hill published:

Janet Brown, the executive director of the Commission on Presidential Debates, said that anyone will be able to submit a question. There are no guarantees, however, that those questions will make it on air. The moderators of the debate, ABC’s Martha Raddatz and CNN’s Anderson Cooper, will be under no obligation to use them, Brown said.

Still, never before has the commission given moderators a formal option to gather questions from the public via the internet for a general presidential election debate, according to Brown.
A Facebook spokesperson said Thursday morning that its role is advisory and the television networks involved will decide how the questions are collected, if they are collected at all. Moderators could gather questions through their own Facebook pages, for example, or the page of their employer.

The commission has been discussing ways to incorporate questions through social media since at least April. It had previously said that half of the questions in the debate “will be posed directly by citizen participants and the other half will be posed by the moderator based on topics of broad public interest as reflected in social media and other sources.”

Questions culled from social and digital media have been used in presidential primary debates for years. CNN famously broke ground with a debate in 2007 that featured Americans asking questions through YouTube videos.

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If they use the same standards in gathering questions, as they do in censoring conservative news, the debate will be over before it starts.

Remember, the foundation of Trump’s campaign is to crack down on illegal immigration, and stopping the free flow of unvetted immigrants from Muslim countries. So, if you are wondering why this is such a big problem, perhaps it’s a good idea to look beneath the surface of Facebook and it’s alliances.

Most conservative folks, who are regular Facebook users, know there is a strong support of Muslims and Islam by Zuckerberg.

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The Guardian published this statement by Mark Zuckerberg just after the Paris attacks.

Zuckerberg, whose Facebook newsfeed has more than 43 million followers, added in his post: “If you’re a Muslim in this community, as the leader of Facebook I want you to know that you are always welcome here and that we will fight to protect your rights and create a peaceful and safe environment for you.”

Facebook has a history of trying to influence voters.

The DailyMail reported in April of this year.

Facebook employees have asked whether they should try and halt Donald Trump’s presidential bid.

Staff posed the question as part of a internal poll which allows employees to vote on what to ask CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a weekly Q&A, Gizmodo reports.

For the March 4 session, the fifth most popular question with 61 votes was; ‘What responsibility does Facebook have to help prevent President Trump in 2017?’

Facebook insists that it does not try and influence the way people vote.

But it would not be the first time the company has gotten  involved with politics.

In 2010 the firm conducted a 61-million-person experiment to discover if Facebook could affect American’s voting behaviors.

They posted an ‘I voted’ button on 98 per cent of users’ Facebook walls whcih also allowed them to see how many of their friends had voted, and the location of local polling station.

But two percent saw a completely different message.

…Zuckerberg is also fiercely anti-Trump, and spoke out against the Republican front runner during the company’s annual F8 developer conference.

‘I hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as ‘others,’ said the CEO, who did not mention Trump by name.

I hear them calling for blocking free expression, for slowing immigration, for reducing trade, and in some cases, even for cutting access to the internet.’

And Facebook is a financial player in campaigns across the country, so the idea that the corporation has no interest in political influence, … well, not true. The Facebook PAC gave more than $330,000 to federal campaigns this year, according to Open Secrets.

And there is no doubt Zuckerberg is an operative who is working with world leaders to push the Muslim immigrant narrative. CNBC reported a hot mic incident between Angela Merkel and Zuckerberg, where he promised to squash social media pushback on the issue.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was overheard confronting Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg over incendiary posts on the social network, Bloomberg reported on Sunday, amid complaints from her government about anti-immigrant posts in the midst of Europe’s refugee crisis.

On the sidelines of a United Nations luncheon on Saturday, Merkel was caught on a hot mic pressing Zuckerberg about social media posts about the wave of Syrian refugees entering Germany, the publication reported.

The Facebook CEO was overheard responding that “we need to do some work” on curtailing anti-immigrant posts about the refugee crisis. “Are you working on this?” Merkel asked in English, to which Zuckerberg replied in the affirmative before the transmission was disrupted.

Conservative author, Joe Newby, has written a book on Facebook and the cultural manipulation war the social media giant has waged on conservatives. Banned: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad outlines the ties between the social media empire and the political class who seeks to destroy America via Muslim immigration. Needless to say, Newby believes allowing Facebook to have an influence and contribution in framing debate questions is no less than stacking the deck for Hillary.

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