Trump’s Strong ‘America First’ Message In Davos Draws Cheers From UK’s Nigel Farage (VIDEO)

Trump took them by storm in Davos. But of course he would. That message worked so well during his campaign. America First was was woven into every aspect of his speech and it was something people haven’t heard, around the world, in a long time.

It must have been a refreshing change, because the UK’s Nigel Farage, a Brexit supporter, was applauding his speech all over Twitter. was one of the first to capture this news:

The controversial leader of the U.K. Independence Party pushed heavily for the “Brexit” vote in 2016, spurring Britain’s pending withdrawal from the European Union. He tweeted his approval of Trump’s appearance — as well as a not-so-subtle criticism of British Prime Minister Theresa May, who opposed the Brexit movement — shortly after Trump wrapped up his speech.

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Here’s just a snipet in this video of a speech that is sure to become a historical benchmark of his presidency:

The Independent has some highlights:

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Donald Trump has adopted a bullish stance at Davos, insisting to the international community that his so-called America First strategy does not mean will the US is seeking isolation, but also insisting that it will no longer be the victim of “predatory” trade practices by states such as China.

The first US President to address delegates for two decades, told delegates to the World Economic Forum that America First does not mean “America alone”. 

“The world is witnessing the resurgence of a strong and prosperous America,” Mr Trump said.

You can look at it as Trump pushing back and unraveling years of swamp creature actions, or you can look at it as Trump keeping campaign promises, (the likes of which Americans haven’t seen from politicians in some time). Regardless, it sounds great and feels great to have a strong leader, who loves America, back in charge.

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