UNEXPECTED HOUSEGUESTS? Twitter Users Unite To Give J.K. Rowling A Taste Of What Living With Refugees Is Like (TWEETS)

Be careful what you “wish” for. J.K. Rowling might just get a taste of her own medicine in supporting refugees in her homeland and everyone else’s.

Milo published this list of tweets from friendly folks who wanted to help Rowling understand what having refugees in your space is really like.

Thousands of refugees could soon arrive on the doorsteps of author J.K. Rowling’s many mansions – if she accepts the offers of several Twitter users looking to cough up the money for plane tickets, that is.

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… The very anti-Trump Rowling, who has been pushing the UK to take in more Syrian refugees,tweeted the following amid the battle, apparently in reference to Piers Morgan’s stance on President Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown.



And there were more like this. Rowling must have turned off her twitter, because she stopped responding. Surprise, surprise.

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