Trump Strategy For The Debates: “The Facts And Figures Are On Our Side” (VIDEO)

Kellyanne Conway could be credited for taking the Trump campaign over the finish line. Despite attempts to throw roadblocks in its way, Trump and company have managed to maneuver around all the political obstructions.

Here she masterfully answers all the questions related to the birther accusations, polls, electoral college, and Hillary’s non-messaging and non-substantive campaign … and the debates.

As we anxiously await the debates, Kellyanne confidently lays out the Trump strategy for trouncing Hillary in the debates.

Hannity: Is he prepared, and will he be prepared for those attacks like water off a duck’s back? Is he ready for that?

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Conway: He’s ready for that. And we actually welcome that. 

Hannity: He knows it’s coming?

Conway: Oh Absolutely. He knows it’s coming. He’s not afraid of Hillary Clinton. … Who seems more rattled? Who seems more off script, off message these days? Who’s losing in the polls?


Conway: Debates are about moments. And they’re about facts and figures. The facts and figures are on our side. She can’t go up there and defend Obamacare . . . she can’t go up there and defend her foreign policy record. And she can’t defend the birth of ISIS in just the last three years alone.”

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