DEATH FROM ABOVE: Mother Of All Bombs Dropped On Afghanistan (VIDEO)

You’ve heard that Trump authorized a bombing in Afghanistan. But what exactly is MOAB? What does it do and why did they use it?

Apparently, past administrations failed to address the massive underground tunnel systems on the Afghan/Pakistan border. It’s not a problem anymore.

Haaretz has some info here:

MOAB is thought to be ‘the most fearsome explosive weapon’ in the Pentagon’s possession and can penetrate through 60 meters of enforced concrete

The “Mother of All Bombs,” officially known as the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast, is said to be the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in America’s arsenal.

The bomb, which was used for the first time in combat on Thursday in Afghanistan, can penetrate through 60 meters (200 feet) of enforced concrete and is therefore especially suitable for deployment in contained environments such as caves and bunkers. The U.S. military said that Thursday’s attack targeted an ISIS tunnel complex.

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Apparently the bomb detonates before it hits the ground and destroys everything within a mile radius, as well as collapsing anything underground.

Here’s a video of a test from 2003 when the bomb was developed:

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The Mirror added this:

The idea behind an ‘air burst’ weapon, as opposed to a weapon that explodes on impact with the ground, is to increase its destructive range.

A bomb that penetrates the ground and then bursts tends to send all of its energy either down into the ground or straight up into the air.

An air burst weapon sends a great deal of its energy out to the side.

As a precision-guided ‘smart bomb’ the MOAB is designed to cause maximum damage to bunkers, tunnels and other areas that can typically withstand even large standard bombs or artillery strikes.

It can kill people within several hundred metres of the point of detonation, and cause lung damage and other injuries over an even wider area.

Trump did say he was going to rid the world of ISIS. There is no reason not to believe him now.

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