Will Tim Kaine’s Political Conflicts With His Catholic Faith Trip Him Up In The Debate?

Will Tim Kaine's "Catholic" Faith Trip Him Up In The Debates?

Here’s something to watch for, in the upcoming VP debates. Tim Kaine, a professed Catholic, like many other Christian Democrats, will have some explaining to do as he tries to promote the Democrat platform, like abortion, and still stay true to Catholic principle. … Should be entertaining. Hypocrisy much?

The Kansas City Star outlined the moral conflicts.

WASHINGTON-Tim Kaine personally opposes the death penalty, the moral stand of a staunch Roman Catholic who regularly attends Mass and whose church believes executions to be wrong.

Yet as governor of Virginia, the Democratic vice presidential nominee allowed the execution of 11 men.

The death penalty is part of a political tightrope Kaine has walked for almost two decades, trying to balance his Catholic faith with policy positions that are at odds with the church’s teachings. He also personally opposes abortion, for example, but supports the right of women to choose to have one.

That intersection – or collision – between faith and politics could be a significant part of Tuesday’s vice presidential debate between Kaine and Republican Mike Pence, a devout evangelical Christian and former Catholic whose faith also has defined major points of his career.

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And as Kaine’s record shows, some of those collisions could make for tricky politics in the debate. (Pence’s faith and career will be covered in a separate article.)

The biggest flashpoint is abortion.

Like many religious Democrats, Kaine acknowledges his personal opposition but says the state should not restrict a woman’s right to choose.

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That’s not enough for some Catholics.

Hillary chose well, in her VP running mate. Birds of a feather lie and spin together.

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