SURE SHE DOES: Nancy Pelosi Claims She Wants To Find ‘Common Ground’ On Healthcare

Isn’t it funny how liberals always want to “work together” when they are out of power, lack influence and have lost the confidence of the American people?

Nancy, we see through your insincere words.

Newsmax has the sad, sad story:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi believes Democrats “have a responsibility” to find “common ground” in working on a health care plan — but calls current GOP legislation a “failure in the public mind.”

In an interview with NPR posted Wednesday, the California Democrat said she doesn’t think President Donald Trump “has the faintest idea . . . about the health care thing.”

“We have a responsibility to the American people to find as much common ground as we can” with Democrats, she said. “There has to be sincerity, though.”

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But then she opens mouth and inserts foot. Isn’t that always the way?

“Understand this about Republicans, and then you’ll understand part of what our challenge is here,” she added. “They always are gearing whatever they do to benefit the high end. This is the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of our country, in terms of hundreds of billions of dollars going into the pockets of the top 1 percent of the people in our country, at the expense of the good health of our middle class and those who aspire to the middle class.”

Hey, Nancy! We’re on to you and it’s not going to work.

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