THEY CAN’T AVOID THE TRUTH: The Media Is An Enemy Of The American People

For decades the media had control of the narrative and they did a great job of pushing liberalism and politically correct speech. They were in fact, conditioning Americans toward socialism.

That’s over now, and they are crying like babies since Trump took the mic.

This piece in the Daily Wire outlines why Trump is justified in exposing the leftist media’s nefarious actions:

4 Reasons the Media Is Our Enemy and Trump Is Justified In Saying So

Let me first say that I’m not unsympathetic with those who would like to see President Trump back off, and for the sake of a little peace, take a few smears from the national media without firing back. I get that the tension of this ongoing scorched earth campaign is oftentimes unbearable, and that you just want it to stop. And to those who wish to return to the “norm” of Republican presidents rolling over like dogs in the face of the media’s lies, hate, and violence — some friendly advice: Man up, Francis. 

Biases upfront: I adore scorched earth, almost as much as I despise norms. Scorched earth is honest. I like honest. I also like messy. Not chaos — messy. Messy is a sign of freedom. Orderliness is a sign of authoritarianism. Democracy should be messy, and tense. And it should always-always-always tell the truth.

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And here are two truths: The national media is the enemy of the American people, and President Trump saying so is a necessary, patriotic, righteous, and long overdue act. 

… 1. Lies It isn’t only that our media has been caught telling 76 lies in just three weeks. It is the Big Lie that always exposes an enemy…

… 2.  Hate The national media doesn’t just disagree with us, the media hates us and wants us silenced and subjugated into paying for abortions and participating in the sin of gay weddings.

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… 3. Treason and Obstruction Not only are our unelected enemies in the media using illegal state secrets (given to them by unelected bureaucrats in Obama’s shadow government) to overturn an election and delegitimize the man our country chose to lead us, …

Read the rest here.

Controlling the narrative is huge in setting the cultural tone. Trump is off to a great start, even if the leftist media doesn’t think so.

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