YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK: Study Examines The Feminizing Of Glaciers

Yes, you read that right. Feminizing Glaciers. What in the heck is that, you ask?

After reading this, you won’t know any more than anyone else, except that your tax dollars funded this academic nonsense.

Intelectual Takeout had this.

Sit back and enjoy the following paragraph from the abstract of a paper published in January by the peer-reviewed journal Progress in Human Geography:

“Feminist and postcolonial theories enrich and complement each other by showing how gender and colonialism are co-constituted, as well as how both women and indigenous peoples have been marginalized historically (Schnabel, 2014). Feminist glaciology builds from feminist postcolonial science studies, analyzing not only gender dynamics and situated knowledges, but also alternative knowledges and folk glaciologies that are generally marginalized through colonialism, imperialism, inequality, unequal power relations, patriarchy, and the domination of Western science (Harding, 2009).”

Wait. Feminist glaciology? This research is even funded by our tax dollars through the National Science Foundation.

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If you slog through the paper’s well-nigh impenetrable prose without your eyes glazing over—not that you really need to—you’ll see that it’s not science at all. The chief author, a historian from the University of Oregon’s “Robert D. Clark Honors College,” uses post-modernist boilerplate to turn a normal subject of study for geographers into political propaganda.

And The Washington Free Beacon outlines just how much of your tax money went to this atrocity.

The National Science Foundation has spent more than $400,000 on a study that published scientific results on the “relationship between gender and glaciers.”

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And what kind of political assault did you pay for?

… The 10,417-word article published in Sage Journals’ “Progress in Human Geography,” was first highlighted by Reason’s Robby Soave and Tablet Magazine’s Yair Rosenberg.

The paper argues that glaciers can shape “religious beliefs and cultural values,” and that climate change can lead to the “breakdown of stereotypical gender roles and even ‘gender renegotiation.’”

This is probably the best argument the Trump administration can make for overhauling the tax system.

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