Your Tax Dollars Hard At Work: More Than $167K Spent To Study Fat Shaming

Did you ever think, if the federal government eliminated all these ridiculous pet spending projects we could pay off the debt in record time? Of course you did. But the swamp creatures, inside the beltway like using your tax money to buy their way back into office every election year. Don’t you wonder who has so much pull in D.C. they could procure more than $167K for a fat shaming study?

The Washington Free Beacon has the details:

The National Institutes of Health is spending over $150,000 on a study that aims to fight fat shaming.

The project, being conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, aims to reduce “weight stigma,” which the researchers contend leads obese people to eat more.

… [Rebecca Pearl, an assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania] “I believe that reducing WBI [weight bias internalization] will improve long-term weight loss by increasing physical activity, a behavior consistently associated with greater long-term weight loss.”

… “The proposed research project could have significant clinical implications for enhancing the treatment of obesity and reducing the negative effects of weight stigma,” the grant states.

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The project claims that weight-based stigma, or negative attitudes toward obese people, causes obese people to continue to be obese.

The project was awarded in mid-December and has received $167,045 so far. Research is scheduled to continue through 2022.

Yes, everything with the liberal left is all about how you feel. And they will spend endless amounts of your money to further their emotional manipulation.

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