LUNACY: CNN Guest Says Trump Is A Cult Leader Who Uses Mind Control On Followers (VIDEO)

The liberal media is engaging in projection again.

CNN recently brought on an expert on cults to push the idea that Trump is like a cult leader who uses mind control techniques on his followers.

This is from the same network that repeats the same anti-Trump message all day, every day to their viewers.

Breitbart provides a partial transcript:

BRIAN STELTER: The word “cult” has been popping up more and more. Think back to two weeks ago on this program, Anthony Scaramucci talked about his claim that Trump supporters are in a cult. Just last week, Dan Rather said he thinks for Trump seems increasingly cultish.

And this weekend in The Washington Post, Trump critic and Republican strategist John Weaver said the GOP is “not a party anymore in the traditional sense; It’s a cult.” But, none of them are mental health experts. Steven Hassan is. He’s out with a brand-new book called The Cult of Trump. He has firsthand experience escaping the Unification Church back in the ’70s and he decided to write this book because he believes there’s something seriously wrong with our politics.

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STEVEN HASSAN: I define a destructive cult as an authoritarian pyramid-structured group with someone at the top who claims to have total power and total wisdom that uses the deception and control of behavior, information, thoughts, and emotions to make people loyal and dependent and obedient followers.

For me, the issue between an ethical healthy cult, where you’re free to think and free to leave, versus a destructive cult. I’m referring to Trump’s organization and followership as a destructive cult, where people are being fed propaganda and they’re not being encouraged to think for themselves.

They’re not being encouraged to really explore and look at the details and arrive at their own conclusion. Much of what they’re hearing is emotionally driven, loaded words, thought-stopping and thought-terminating-type clichés like “fake news” or “build the wall” or “make America great again.”

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Watch the video:

How absurd.

Apparently, the media doesn’t remember the Obama years.


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