Mainstream Media Now Planning To Target Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Wife For Scrutiny

The left is still going crazy over the fact that Trump is already getting a second pick for the Supreme Court. This means that they’re going after Brett Kavanaugh with anything they can use, even if it means targeting members of his family.

Breitbart reports:

Establishment Media Gunning for Brett Kavanaugh’s Wife

In the age of Trump, the establishment media have whined incessantly about protecting norms, about keeping in place the way things have always been done.

But even as the media bellyache about President Trump violating norms, in their own partisan zeal to destroy anyone of the political right the media are also violating all kinds of norms, including fomenting, excusing, and encouraging violence.

What’s more, this past week a number of far-left media institutions violated another cherished norm, the one about leaving families, including spouses, out of the political fray.

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This, of course, is a good norm. Man and wife should be allowed to live separate lives, hold differing opinions, and pursue whatever careers they choose without it in any way affecting the other.

This norm has also aided many media elites. The number of media personalities related to or married to officials in the Obama administration were legion. Moreover, CNN’s Jake Tapper is married to a former Planned Parenthood official. Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd is married to a Democrat activist who was heavily involved in Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign.

Nevertheless, despite their own vulnerabilities on this matter, despite the fact they are changing the rules in a way they will soon come to regret (tee hee), the rules have changed and spouses are now … fair game.

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In the long run, this won’t matter much. Republicans have already made it pretty clear that they fully intend to confirm Kavanaugh this fall.


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