Mainstream Media Smears Christian Organization As ‘Hate Group’ Based On Opinion Of Far Left Group

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently spoke to the Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian group. Based on a smear from the far left “Southern Poverty Law Center” mainstream media outlets called them a hate group.

FOX News reports:

ABC, NBC under fire after smearing Christian organization as a “hate group”

Apparently if you defend the 1st Amendment, you are guilty of hate speech. That’s the argument put forth by several news outlets — ABC, NBC, CNN — and even Teen Vogue.

On Tuesday night, June 11, Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a speech to the members of the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a religious freedom group. The ADF is assisting the Supreme Court case involving Jack Phillips, a Colorado baker who refused to bake a gay wedding cake.

Major networks are enraged. In headlines for both ABC and NBC, they called the ADF an “anti-LGBT hate group.” On what would the networks base that characterization? It’s the hysterical assessment of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

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NBC quoted Democratic National Committee spokesman Joel Kasnetz in his condemnation of Sessions. Kasnetz accused the attorney general of “choosing to spend his time speaking in front of one of the country’s leading anti-LGBTQ hate groups.”…

SPLC is best known for being the left-wing group that targets other groups and individuals in the public eye for “hate speech” — especially conservatives and Christian groups.

The Southern Poverty Law Center cannot be trusted. They have become nothing more than a radical leftist group which smears Conservatives and Christians as racists.


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