Majority Of Americans Paying Much More For Thanksgiving Dinner This Year Due To Bidenflation

Americans across the country are paying much more for Thanksgiving dinner this year, thanks to inflation under Biden and Democrats.

The cost of everything at the grocery store has gone up over the last two years.

Much of this has to do with Biden’s energy policy. Nothing gets to the store without a truck.

Breitbart News reports:

The Vast Majority of Americans Say Rising Costs Will Impact Thanksgiving

The rising cost of goods will impact the Thanksgiving holiday for the vast majority of Americans, a recent FinanceBuzz survey found.

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Most Americans, 86 percent, said rising food costs will impact their Thanksgiving meal. This coincides with the reality of turkey — a staple of a traditional Thanksgiving meal — soaring in price, just in time for the holiday. Turkey and non-chicken poultry are up 16.9 percent, as are other Thanksgiving staples, including pie (up 18.6 percent), rolls and biscuits (up 13.6 percent), butter (up 26.7 percent), and gravy (up 14.6 percent), as Breitbart News reported.

When asked how, specifically, the rising cost of food will impact Thanksgiving, most, 57 percent, said it will prompt them to look for sales at grocery stores, while 31 percent said they will use coupons more than usual. About 24 percent said they will buy cheaper ingredients, and 21 percent said they will shop at less expensive grocery stores altogether. One in five — 20 percent — said they “may cut back on food,” 15 percent said they will ask guests to bring more food, and 15 percent said they will have “fewer” guests.

Only 14 percent said they do not expect rising prices to affect their Thanksgiving. But ultimately, the 86 percent of Americans who said rising prices will impact their holiday meal is up from the 63 percent who said the same last year.

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Prices are at a 40 year high.

And Biden is still sending money to Ukraine. Unreal.


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